Karu Slippers

Welcome to Karu Slippers. We have something for everyone. Our slippers are available in 100% SHEEPSKIN and 100% WOOL.

It’s late-the starry night sky stretches out above you. You’re huddled around a fire with your loved ones. The weather is chilly but you feel cozy and snug, thanks to the crackling flames and buzzing conversation. This feeling of ultimate comfort is what comes to mind when we think of Karu slippers. Even if you find yourself a thousand miles away from your creature comforts, Karu slippers will help you feel at home.

Take them on a getaway-slip them on while working from home. Whatever is on your agenda, Karu slippers are always up for the adventure.

Our 100% sheepskin and wool slippers are available in four different styles and a wide selection of colors. Whether you appreciate the finer things in life – or just simply appreciate quality and comfort – we have the perfect style for you.

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